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Today sees the release of Sydney-bred, Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and kickass mother, Anna Lunoe‘s first track of 2018 and the second release from her Hyperhouse record label.

The new single is ‘Blaze of Glory‘ and it is essentially a song used as a platform for Anna to explore those “days you wake up with a bone to pick”, explains Anna.

“When you are over it in all the ways and you want to kick the ants nest and stir things up.”

After having released Gozilla in 2017 and given birth to her child, Anna wasn’t sure she was going to continue making music, “I genuinely wasn’t sure if i would ever make music again at some points last year,” Anna explains.

“I hope this song blows the cobwebs out of your ears and makes you feel a little rowdy.”

While not as beat-heavy as Gozilla, Blaze of Glory offers a lot of great audio texture to a song that is self explanatory.

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