Here are some tracks I have enjoyed today. Click on the artists/bands below and enjoy.

The Neighbourhood - Scary Love (starring Tommy Wiseau)
Los Angeles, California

Xavier Dunn - Isic Tutor (Black Summer Remix)
Sydney x Canberra, Australia

Shallou - Find (feat. Kasbo & Cody Lovaas)
Chicago, Illinois

The ‘Souls’ EP is set for release on 27th April, expanding shallou’s ever-evolving artistic vision beyond debut EP ‘All Becomes Okay’ (May 2017).

ANH - All Night (feat. Blair De Milo & Danny Dwyer)
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

BRISBANE | March 16th | The TBC Club
SYDNEY | March 17th | Shift X Basement

The Omnific - Ersatz
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Katie Coleman - Not Your Pin Up Girl
London, England

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