Theresa Heyer on the creation of her new single and music video ‘Be Like You’

Eat This Music: What is the song about?

Theresa Heyer: “Be Like You” is about that ‘it girl’ we all wanted to be in school. So often, we envy the image this popular person presents and long to step in her shoes. We think the grass is green and that is the irony this song seeks to highlight. When you step back and take the time to get to know the ‘it girl’, you realize her life is not perfect. She too has a whole world of issues she is trying to deal with and there is no such thing as a perfect life. With this song, I am hoping to impart the message that we all need to work on being the best of ourselves. So really, I wrote the song for myself, I am constantly comparing myself to other people and really needed a concrete reminder to stop. This song is my reminder to myself.

How did you go about creating it?

Every time I listened to this song, I saw exactly what it looked like and knew I had to bring it to life. I wrote this song with the thought of how young girls are taught, though subtle messaging and, now more than ever, on social media, that they need to be better. As I stated earlier, I am constantly comparing myself to other people such as – models, actresses, high-powered brokers that seem to have incredible lives. And as I recall, this is a big part of the middle and high school experience. So I knew this video had to be shot in a school and that’s exactly what I did. It has a bit of a Britney Spears school-girl vibe, but with my own Brooklyn girl twist. I also knew I had to incorporate my dancing as well, to show that I am not only a singer/songwriter, but I am a dancer as well. I also wanted to depict the multicultural society we live in, and I believe that comes across in the video as well.

Why did you want to release it?

I wanted to release this video because growing up, especially going to an all girls’ high school, there was a pressure to fit in and to be apart of the “it crowd”. For me, it was very stressful. It wasn’t until I was a bit older when I finally understood that if I had accepted myself for who I am from day one, I would have way more confidence now. Not having confidence and wanting to be like someone else is simply exhausting. It isn’t until you learn to fully love yourself that you can stop comparing yourself to others and realize that you don’t want to be like them. The moment I saw the finished product I knew it created the story I saw in my mind. This is my first music video. I believe it is relatable and speaks a very strong message.

What was is it like making a music video?

Making this music video was one of the most amazing, memorable events in my life. I’ve always dreamed of bringing my visions for my songs to life and I finally did it. It wouldn’t have been possible without Lotus Productions and everyone who was apart of making this video. I am so grateful for their help in bringing my visions to life. One thing I’ve learned is that everything takes time and some things that look like they are all fun, are really hard work. Life is an endless journey highs and lows, and especially in this profession. I am continuously growing and learning new things each day.

Did you have another song in mind to release?

At first I thought I was going to make a video for the first song I released “Hold On,” but once “Be Like You” was finished I knew this was the song that had to be the video release. Like I mentioned earlier, every time I heard the song I saw the video in my mind. I just had to bring it to life and that is exactly what we did. I am also working on other projects that I hope to be releasing in the near future.

What else do you have planned in 2018?

2018 strikes me a s a promising year. I think this is my year, no, I just know it! I have this video and I have another one in the works along with an EP that is just waiting to be heard by the world. I am also working on developing a live show and am trying to perform as much as possible. I work at my craft each day. Music is my passion, connecting with others is my purpose and I know this is all just the beginning of my career.

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