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Jordan Jaarola is an artist out of Melbourne and recently the pop artist released his new single ‘All the Same‘, a song, according to Jordan Jaarola that is essentially about “the indifference you reach at the end of a bad situation or relationship.”

“When it doesn’t matter what they say or do anymore, there’s just no going back and you no longer care,” Jordan Jaarola concludes.

Working in collaboration with Susie Ahern on the track back in 2017, Jordan express how “she was awesome at realising my vision for it.”

“The song blends a current upbeat sound into a throwback of 80s inspired pop. The creative process was really fun as I usually don’t write upbeat material and I had to step outside my comfort zone.”

All the Same is the follow-up to Jordan Jaarola‘s 2017 single Maybe It’s You, which are two of the tracks off Jordan Jaarola‘s forthcoming EP, due out for release in 2018.

Jordan Jaarola live

10 March | The Workers Club | Fitzroy, Victoria
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