Rié explores the notion of a problem in her first single of 2018, ‘Benevolent Creature’

Rié (pronounce “ree-ay”) is an electronic artist out of London and recently the Japanese-born powerhouse released her first single of 2018, titled ‘Benevolent Creature‘, a song that is essentially about exploring the notion of a ‘problem’, specifically depression.

“I would say that 80% of the people around me suffer from these issues, but not many songs have written about it.”

Rié speaks on the essence of the single, explaining “whether it’s a mental issue, alcohol or drug addiction, or simply a bad relationship, I can’t name one person who lives a 100% problem-free life.”

“The only way is to look at that ‘creature’ in the eye; and this song by no means is an evangelistic attempt to save people, but I do want to convey the message to take it by the hand (and) don’t look away.”

Mixing elements of slow-building electronic vibes with Rié‘s pop vocals and digital production, Benevolent Creature is a solid anthem that isn’t hard on the ears as in this case, the message seems more important.

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