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ARTLOVER is a South Korean rap artist and recently the London native released her debut single ‘Want U Back‘, a song that is essentially about exploring “immature love and loss,” explains ARTLOVER.

Speaking to ARTLOVER about the single, she let me know how “Immature love is something I believe most people have experienced at some point in their life and it’s usually predestined to end at some point.”

It’s a precious kind of love that should be cherished and its feeling can be remembered for a lifetime.”

ARTLOVER didn’t always start in music, she got the inspiration for music after long days of work and coming home, playing the piano and doing her best rendition of covers was a way to relax for the former fashion guru.

“I felt empty inside sometimes after I came back home from work, so a way to escape that was to start playing piano and sing cover songs. That’s how it all began, and once I became better I started collaborating with people,” ARTLOVER explains.

Want U Back is an interesting song, if you can get past the lyrics being in a different language, the elements of a solid pop-rap/RnB track is there. ARTLOVER‘s vocal work is wonderful and the digital production is nicely put together to accompany the story.

2018 looks to be a big year for ARTLOVER, as she explains, she “in the midst of finishing” her debut EP, a “music video for this single that will be out in a couple of week’s time,” and ARTLOVER is heading back to Korea to visit “family and friends” and “and eat loads of Kimchi!”

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