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+WHISKEY- is the new pop anthem from New Jersey-based three-piece (Andy, Julian and Steve) Young Rising Son, and as the name correlates, the single is essentially about addiction, not the addiction to alcohol specifically, but it “is about addiction, whether it be to a substance, activity, or another human.”

As anyone with addiction knows – whether that is to a person, a favourite food, alcohol, etc – it can be “easy for lines to blur and for your judgement to become distorted when you’re so dependent upon something.”

“You fall into this push/pull routine where you can’t help but continue to come back to the source, no matter the misery it causes. +WHISKEY- is about the moment where you have to say yes.”

Having only released fan favourite one track last year, Young Rising Sons have returned with an anthem full of synths, vibes, alternative-rock melodies that make this nearly three minute track a must for your day or night – whenever you happen to be listening to it.

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