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Asha Jefferies is a musician out of Brisbane and today the singer-songwriter has released her new single ‘Chaos‘, a song that essentially works as a platform for the Brisbane-native to explore failures, faults and moving on.

Speaking on the meaning of Chaos, Asha explains how “Chaos captures everything I felt driving to a party one night last year.”

“I remember watching my friend behind the wheel, realizing they were driving me into a lot of chaos and wherever I followed them, that chaos came too.”

“I write music music to capture and anchor a feeling or a period of time in my life. I like to think I can hold it hostage, forever. Music has always used itself as a memory clock to me,” Asha concludes.

For someone that is so song, Asha has a strong work ethic, with Chaos being a great indiction of what Asha Jefferies has to offer as an artist.

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