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Kylypso is a three-piece out of London and today they have released their new single ‘Deep Blue‘, a song which essentially works as a platform for the band to explore more of the “deep blue” the band loves so much.

“We loved the idea of the colour deep blue to represent the “ideal” you hold someone to at the beginning of a relationship.”

The band continue, “The song sits in a moment where reality is eroding this image, but it is a beautiful thing to fight for.” Kylypso also “wanted to bring in some ideas of living in the moment and diving into things fully, even with risk of being hurt.”

Having given fans a taste of their music with their debut single Cosmic Dolphins late last year, Kylypso have returned with a new anthem that works so well with the mix of psychedelic-electronic infused atmosphere with synths and guitar hooks.

“Musically, we took this idea to try to write parts of the instrumental to a “blue sky” or “deep sea” theme, almost approaching the song visually.”

Kylypso‘s Deep Blue is now out. Have a listen below.

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