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ARIA is a pop artist out of the UK and recently the London-based songstress released her latest single Call Me, a song that essentially works as a platform for ARIA to explore the possibilities of letting your guard down.

Speaking on the creation of Call Me, ARIA explains how the single is also “about letting someone in, even if you’re someone who finds it hard to do that.”

“It’s about letting your guard down, opening yourself to someone, and saying, ‘I like you, I’m sorry if I haven’t shown you that, but I’m going to try'”

2017 was a solid year for ARIA as she gave fans a taste of her music with the release of You Got Me Good, a song that is essentially about “music partnerships,” explained ARIA at the time.

Today, however, sees the release of ARIA‘s pop anthem Call Me, an energetic pop offering of feel-good beats, glimmering vocals from ARIA and an atmosphere that offers a good juxtaposition to the story element of the single.

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