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Today I spoke with Tim from Sydney band Borneo about their new EP Rebel Mindtricks, creating their EP, Devo, putting together the new EP, touring and other things.

Speaking on the creation of Rebel Mindtricks, Tim explains how happy they are to put it out. Even though the songs were recorded over “a year ago.”

Moving on to the creation of the EP and into the aesthetics of the EP, Tom explains how much other bands played an influence in them and how much they already had planned for the EP prior to starting it.

“I think it was just a bit more confidence. We sort of identified a particular type of sound we were looking for,” explains Tim.

Continuing with their latest EP Rebel Mindtricks, Tim expresses how the band had been playing a lot and wanted to move on to the follow-up to their debut EP ‘Alert‘ as soon as they could as the band had gained a lot of “maturity and a bit more confidence” in their music.

While Borneo specifically touch on the subject of social observation and human conditions in their own tongue-in-cheek way throughout the five-track EP, the positivity of the subjects is also an underlying feature of the band’s EP, which sort of came from inspirations by Devo… and their hats.

Speaking on the rest of 2018, Tim explains how Borneo are heading out on tour – check out the dates here – to promote their EP hard, make more music, and show who they are as a band to the rest of the country… and the world.

Borneo‘s second EP Rebel Mindtricks is now out via the usual digital streaming platforms. Have a listen below.

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