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Kyso is a Gippsland-based rapper and today he has released his new single ‘Drop Out‘, a song that essentially works as a platform for the Gippsland native to showcase his skills as one of Australia’s new rising talents.

Speaking on the creation of Drop Out, Kyso explained to Eat This Music about how the single originally “started off with a different beat,” and how there is “sort of a different vibe.” With all those changes, Kyso is “overall – happy with how it is now.”

Working in collaboration with Dex on the project, Kyso explains how he and Dex first met at an “Illy” gig Dex was opening at and the two hit it off after talking about music.

“I’ve always wanted to get him [Dex] on a track, ’cause, like, I’m a big fan of his work.”

Drop Out was a track Kyso always knew he wanted Dex to work on, speaking on if it was the only track for Dex, Kyso expresses, “yeah, it was mainly just Drop Out hey? I was really sort of confident with that track and I just really thought that vibe was just for Dex.”

With the song only being out for a short amount of time and gaining a bit of tracking on radio, Kyso expresses his joy about the single being out there, explaining, “it’s been really good so far, I have had a lot of new people sort of coming in and show me love.”

2018 looks to be a big year for Kyso as; as soon as late April – which was meant to come out in the Summer – he already has a new song on the way – which Kyso claims “could surpass Drop Out”.

“This next one I am hoping gets a lot of love – I’m very confident with it.”

You can find more about Kyso over at his website.

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