Powerbleeder’s ‘Donnie Wants You Dead’ is a feel-good offering of calming vibes and rhythmic hooks

As much as the title of Seattle, Washington four-piece Powerbleeder‘s new single, ‘Donnie Wants You Dead‘, may have you thinking it is a depressing and hard-hitting song, it actually isn’t; it is actually a feel-good melody full of sunny, calming vibes with tightly put together rhythmic hooks and structure throughout this nearly three minute offering.

No matter how many times the recurring lyrics of “Donnie wants your dead!” play through the lead singer David’s mouth – the hooks, the drum beats, the recurring lyrics, the backing vocals, the sunny atmospheric feel – it is hard to shake off how well-rounded this single is.

Donnie Wants You Dead is off Powerbleeder‘s forthcoming EP ‘G.u.s.h.‘ – due out for release April 10 – which is now available for pre-order through Bandcamp.

I don’t know much about Powerbleeder at all, in fact, if it wasn’t for their manager Trevor sending me their single in my inbox, I probably wouldn’t have discovered them at all. But I am glad I have and I am looking forward to the forthcoming release of their EP.

Powerbleeder live:

March 26 | Vera Project | Seattle
May 5 | Black Lodge | Seattle

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