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Calm, cool and collected is the type of person Zoey Lily is – having had a solid 2017 with her one and only release, ‘Nothing‘, Zoey has kicked off 2018 with another slow-building, smooth sounding, electronic pop offering titled ‘More‘.

Taking the listener on a journey of ticking beats and acoustic guitar under Zoey’s vocals, Zoey explains how the pop artist “wrote this song about a guy I met a while ago who left the impression of being the super cool kid everyone admired and wanted to be like.”

“When I got to know him closer I realised that he was struggling a lot to keep up with the image he created himself and actually felt very worthless and empty.”

“In his own way he kept letting me down because he wasn’t able to let me in,” Zoey concludes.

2018 looks to be a big year for Zoey as she embarks on the release of more music – well at least hopefully more than one, just like in 2017.

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