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Hanne Leland is a Norwegian pop artist and today Hanne has returned with her new single ‘Carry On‘, a bouncy, electro-pop-focused anthem about “finding strength to move on in the midst of chaos”, explains Hanne.

“With all the horrible things going on in the world today, it’s hard to understand how we can possibly go on with our lives.”

Hanne explains how she “wanted to write a song about how we need to unite and find strength in one another, so that we can carry on and spread love wherever we go”. Hanne says about the new song.

Speaking on the creating of the single, Hanne explains how it “came about shortly after another horrific terror attack had taken place.” A time when Hanne remembers “having such a difficult time dealing with it, even though I wasn’t personally affected.”

“I didn’t want to dwell on the bad stuff though, so I focused all my energy on creating something positive and powerful, and that’s how Carry On was born.”

When it comes to releasing music, Hanne expresses how much it means to her, “It feels both amazing and scary. I always get a little nervous when releasing new music, because I’ve kept it for myself for so long, and suddenly everyone gets to hear it and judge it,” Hanne explains. “But it’s also so rewarding and fun. I love seeing and reading people’s reactions to my new songs.”

Having made a name for herself throughout 2017 with the release released several singles and fan favourite ‘You Don’t Own Me, Hanne has kicked off her 2018 with a solid effort that saw her work with the likes of Juno Award winning producer Brian West (previously working with Sia, Nelly Furtado, Rachel Platten), and the Grammy winning songwriter and producer Chin Injeti (previously working with Eminem, P!nk, Drake) while Hanne spent some time in Los Angeles.

2018 looks to be a big year for the Scandinavian pop artist as Hanne explains, she still has “More songwriting, recording, shooting music video, some gigging” to be done. “I also plan on swimming a lot. I love being in water. I’m pretty sure I was a mermaid in my past life.”

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