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Intaloopa is an electronic artist out of Sydney and recently the Sydney-based upstart released is debut single ‘Remote Control‘, a song that is essentially a synth heavy, beat marathon of vibes full of “nostalgic sound, which would give the listener a chance to escape into cosmic emotions,” explains Intaloopa.

Expanding on the creation of Remote Control, Intaloopa explained to Eat This Music how he was inspired to come up with Remote Control after “binge watching Stranger Things Season 1 & 2.”

“I was inspired by the soundtrack, so I purchased off gumtree a Korg Poly 800 analog synthesizer that was made in 1984.”

Continuing with how “a few days later, I was noodling around on the synth and I basically wrote all the parts within a few hours.”

Remote Control is an easy song to digest. It’s beat heavy, synth wave vibes and minimal lyrics make this an enjoyable track that takes you on a soothing journey of sound.

With “another 3 songs” on the way, “which will hopefully turn into a EP release” and “looking on gumtree for more old analog gear” to go, 2018 looks to be a big year for Intaloopa. Stay tuned!

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