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Mahalia is a singer and songwriter out of Leicester, England and Mahalia recently released her new single ‘Proud Of Me‘, a song Mahalia has been working on for a while and serves as a platform for Mahalia to step out on her own and create some new engaging tunes.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Mahalia explains how she learnt a couple of things along the way, “I stumbled for a while I think… tried to get my priorities straight. But, once I understood that, everything kind of fell in to place.”

“The one thing I have always said that makes me truly happy is knowing that my family, friends and you guys are proud of what I have achieved.”

Mahalia continues with show she had “always wanted to work with Lil Simz. So, this was crazy for me.” Adding, “She gave me all the extra magic that I needed.”

That last statement couldn’t be further from the truth as Mahalia‘s new single offering a great slice of R&B, gospel vibes, and some great soul vibes as well. I don’t know much about Mahalia at all, but Proud Of Me is a great track and definitely worth the listen.

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