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The High Divers are an indie roots band out of Charleston, South Carolina and they [Mary, Julius, Kevin and Luke] recently released the first taste of what’s to come off their second album ‘Chicora‘ with ‘Fall In Love So Fast‘, a big band sounding song that has the vibes of “a “Motownish” song with a definite groove,” explains The High Divers band member Luke.

Going into details about the single, Luke explains to Eat This Music how he and Kevin have “always been big fans of James Jamerson-type bass playing, so that style really lends itself to this song in particular.”

“Our honorary fifth member, Clay White, recorded the layered Trumpets at the end that really made the song go into a different realm. Those sputtering trumpet parts I was hearing were definitely influenced by The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour”.”

Speaking on the creation of Fall In Love So Fast, Luke explained to Eat This Music how the single essentially serves as “a big shift in who we are as a band both stylistically and sonically.” Adding how their “first album was recorded when we were still trying to find our footing as a band.”

On the band transition their style, Luke continues, “The songs were there, but we hadn’t toured a ton together, yet. Now, we’ve been playing and touring for more than three years, and I feel we’re a lot more confident in our performances while recording, and our overall understanding of who we want to be as a band.”

I can’t claim to know much about The High Divers, their music, Motown, James Jamerson or roots music, but The High Divers’ new single is a nice change and the mowtown vibes are nicely put, as the single keeps of moving and doesn’t slow down at all… which is what I like.

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