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I don’t know how to take the debut single from Becky & The Birds, it has a lot of mixed genres intertwined within. It sounds like an electronic song, and a pop song, and a shoegaze song, and a spiritual song, and an R&B song – the genre-spanning blend-ness to it works so well.

Speaking on the creation of Holding On, Thea Gustafsson (Becky & The Birds is her moniker) explains how she has “always had this voice inside me—society’s voice—that was like ‘No, you can’t, ‘cos you’re a girl, that’s for the boys’.”

“I was like, I can’t do this any more—having all these dudes mansplaining, sitting with their spread legs, I was just so frustrated. When you have a really clear vision yourself, it’s difficult to compromise.”

Thea recalls one particularly bad session with a producer, explaining how she “felt the whole panic that you feel when you think you’re not good enough,” – that experience led Thea to develop the persona of Becky & The Birds.

As far as debuts go, this is quite good and it shows a lot of skills on Thea’s part, not just in her voice, but the production aspect of the single as it has a whole lot going on, but the elements work so well together.

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