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Eat This Music: What is the song [Peacock] about?

Chunkyluv: Peacock is about being yourself and just wanting to do whatever you want to do and have a good time!

ETM: Do you feel like you got the message across?

So far everyone has said they vibe to it and really enjoy the track and feel good so so far I think we’re hitting the mark!

ETM: How did you go about creating it?

Was just vibing in the studio one night with Mateo X and started talking about the idea of using some electronic & funky vibes as a base for some raps, played around with a couple of ideas until i started jamming the guitar chords and we thought straight away killer lets record it!

ETM: How did the collaboration with Mateo X come about?

I’ve Known Mateo since school and one day after i finished uni he hit me up asking to record some bars he wrote and we’ve been writing and working on tracks together ever since

ETM: Why was it your new release?

I had been producing / writing and recording with a bunch of different artists all last year and had an itch to put some new content out because it had been so long when mateo and I caught up, once it was finished we had the idea of dropping it around summer time as we felt it was the best vibe for the track

ETM: What are you working on next?

C: Going to be producing a few more singles for Mateo X for this year and working towards finishing an ep or album for next year.

ETM: What else do you have planned in 2018?

C: hitting the studio hard creating content for the other artists that I’m currently working with and expand my production styles and taking on new genres with some more releases throughout the year!

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