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New Zealand drum and bass and keys and electronic – featuring rock and future shock electronica – band Shapeshifter are heading to Australia for a two shows in February, specifically Friday 16 and Saturday 17. I had the chance to have a quick chat with Sam Trevethick (keyboards, guitar, percussion) about the tour and what Shapeshifter have planned in 2018.


February 16th at The Metro Theatre, Sydney
with Fracture, Sunshine Sound System and William.

February 17th at The Forum, Melbourne
With Fracture, Sunshine Sound System and Sean Deans.

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Steve: [Laughing] “Not too bad. I was just listening to Stars while waiting for you – so Sam, you’re returning–well I guess you’re coming to Australia for two shows in February. Why is it only two shows?”

Sam: That’s an economic thing really. We’ve played shows in a few places around Australia obviously over the years in Sydney and Melbourne. Short stop sights and, ah, we’ve got quite a busy summer so maybe [inaudible] Adelaide and Perth later on.”

Steve: “Do you have anything special planned for the shows, ’cause I hear you guys put on quite performances.”

Sam: [Laughing] “Um, we’re always thinking about the set and how we can make it different [inaudible] before, we’re not going to do the same thing again. So, we’ve got a few things up our sleeves, that we’ve been working on; on the last year or so. We’re always trying to add new things and so…hopefully it’s special.”

Steve: “What type of things are you thinking of adding if you can reveal?”

Sam: “Oh, I can’t reveal that.”

Steve: “[Laughs] At least I tried.”

Sam: “We’re playing a few version of tunes that have inspired us. As well as a new tune we wrote in London last year and we’re just trying to keep it fresh.”

Steve: “That’s good to hear. At least you get the chance to experiment with that in Australia and your summer. What else do you guys have coming up in 2018?”

Sam: “Well, pretty much I think this year is a studio year for us and we did a lot of touring last year and this year [inaudible] personally [inaudible] this means less touring.”

Steve: “That must keep you, like, really busy throughout the year then, most of the touring and then back into the studio – keeping creative.”

Sam: “Totally – yeah, I mean, [inaudible] what we sound like [inaudible]…”

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