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This week on Eat This Music, Chris Lanzon from Sydney duo Instereo joins me to chat about the band’s inception and how Instereo become a duo, their new single and music video ‘Cruel‘, working on new music and what Instereo have coming up in 2018 and more.

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Steve Likoski: “Well I know Instereo is a duo now, right? But how did you guys first begin?”

Chris Lanzon: “We started about – coming on three years ago now. We all had sort of strong interest in music and were following our own paths through doing that we came across each other doing our own sort of thing and really clicked and we thought “hey, why don’t we give a group thing a go?” you know? This is really working well. We wen’t for it and have been doing it ever since.”

Steve: “How come it is a duo now then?”

Chris: “It’s a duo now because one of our former members Ethan, he decided he didn’t want really want to be doing it anymore and he had lost his sort of passion for music. There was nothing we could really do to change his mind, he was pretty set on that and we have no hard feelings or anything, we were just like “okay, if that’s the decision you want to make, that’s all good.” We decided we’d keep going with it as a duo and see what we could do.”

Steve: “Yeah – that’s definitely unfortunate to hear, but I guess that gives you and the other member left [Jakob] the chance to, you know, work on your own stuff now.”

Chris: “Yeah, absolutely. You’re either all in it or you’re not in it at all. Yeah – so the two of us who are still, we’re, um, one hundred percent want this and we are working hard to make sure we, ah, do the best we can.”

Steve: “And what have you guys been working on? I know you just released the ‘Cruel’ music video.”

Chris: “Well, we were very for that release. Sort of changed our sound a little bit. We’ve been working hard to mature our sound and working on vocals and the production and everything of all the songs we’ve been working on over the last couple of months we’ve been just in the studios and writing a lot of new material. 2018’s gonna be a very exciting year. We hope to put out more and more music.”

Steve: “Is this leading to an album or another EP?”

Chris: “We’re not too sure just yet. At the moment we’re just taking it step by step as we go. Just working on each song themselves individually and we want to produce a few more video clips as well and the cruel clip was lots of fun to do, so we want to do more like that.”

Steve: “Well, I guess going back to Cruel. What is Cruel all about and how did the song come about?”

Chris: “Cruel is about being stuck in a bad relationship, or an emotional bad place with someone. We sort of wrote it from a bunch of personal experiences we’ve had. That’s how we usually write – we mix all our different experiences into a song, in a way that we feel other people can relate to it. So, that’s really what Cruel was all about.”

Steve: “Do you feel like you expressed all you wanted to within the song?”

Chris: “Yeah – we feel very happy with this song and it’s probably one of the first we’ve written and really felt that we’ve sort of got the message across that we wanted to, especially with the accompanying clip as well. Travelled out into the outback and had this awesome location where we filmed the video, which really showed the emotion of the song. So we are really happy with that.”

Steve: “Yeah – how did you like filming in the outback?”

Chris: “Yeah – we loved it, it was lots of fun, it was a good little adventure; wen’t out there for a few days and we’ve never really been out the Australian desert before. It was a really cool experience.”

Steve: “Ah, that’s a good first time to do your own music video.” [laughs]

Chris: [laughs] “Yeah – absolutely.”

Steve: “So, what else do you have coming up other than, I guess, you’re gonna be releasing more music – you’re gonna be touring, playing any gigs?”

Chris: “As a duo now we’ve got some new music coming. We’re just working hard on that at the moment, um, just to make sure we get it all right and over the next few months we’ll be releasing more and hopefully we’ll be able to play some shows later this year and we’re really looking forward to that.”

Steve: “Oh, that’s good to here. So you’re happy with how everything going so far?”

Chris: “Yeah – we are really happy. It’s an exciting time for us now, new and refreshed as 2018, this is a new Instereo kind of thing going on we’re very exciting for what’s to come and to see where it goes.”

Steve: “Did you guys consider a new name or was Instereo what you guys always wanted to go with?”

Chris: “When Ethan chose to leave, we thought “you know, this is a time for us – we could sort of rebrand and reinvent ourselves.” We couldn’t really let go of the name Instereo, we’ve always been Instereo, it doesn’t really feel right to change that name now. We’ve sort of changed the stylisation of it a little bit, we’ve made it one word instead of two and changed the logo a little bit. We’ve sort of changed it but kept the original name.”

Steve: “Right, so you’ve sort of done a new rebrand but it’s somewhat similar.”

Chris: “Yeah – a new rebrand without changing it too much, just sort of new sound, new look.”

Steve: “See, that’s a good idea, ’cause then the fans won’t be as confused either.” [laughs]

Chris: “Yeah – exactly, it gives everyone sort of a fresh start as a duo.

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