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GEO is a London based artist and today he has released is brand new single ‘Find You‘, a song which is essentially about “the idea of looking internally to find and understand yourself, as opposed to looking externally, be it through people or situations. Pretty deep stuff I know haha…”, adding how “it was a subject I was thinking about quite a lot in recent months!”

I had the opportunity to ask GEO some questions about the single, GEO explained to me about how the production side of the single “started as a very basic idea of just a bass synth and the kick drum, at that time, I didn’t really feel all that inspired to do much else on it, it was a small rough idea I crafted and forgot.”

“A couple of weeks later I was going through some of my projects, came across that one, listened and had a wave of inspiration. I decided to continue it and played in the piano line, wrote the chords, and it all grew from there really.”

GEO continued with how he “made a lot of the sounds in” is own “studio”, “experimenting with” many “synths and gadgets, then began adding in and writing the vocals.” GEO continues, “All my music is created solely by me, so lot of the sonic comes out of quite an experimental process of trying to get the weird sounds and ideas out of my head and into the tracks.”

2018 is a big year for GEO with more music on the way, explaining as to why GEO chose to release Find You first, “I felt like it would be a nice way to showcase a slightly different sound from me…”

“I love making dance-tinged music, as well as soulful/etherial stuff, the track is a nice way to bridge the gap between my previous record and this one. There is continuity in the harmony, vocals, rhythms, but a fresh take on the sounds/aesthetic for sure.”

Find You is the first taste of what’s to come off GEO‘s forthcoming second EP ‘Remember Me‘, which is due out later this year. Speaking on working on the new EP, GEO explains, “I actually feel like working on EP2 is slightly more fun for the artist and the listener…”

GEO expresses how much fun he has had “putting this one [EP 2] together, and it certainly feels a little more mature to work on record no.2, definitely a little more challenging too.” Adding, “It’s been great taking the sonics of the first record, and expanding them a little bit. Plus i’ve been influenced by a bunch of new artists and sounds. It’s been really great to have a little more wiggle room to experiment.”

GEO‘s Remember Me EP is an EP full of “warm soulful pads and synths, a lot more vocals too…” With an added bonus of “strong hooks, melodies and danceable skittering beats.”

2018 looks to be a big year for GEO – stay tuned!

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