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Fizzy Milk is the passion project of Caleb Nott – one half of Broods – and today Fizzy Milk has released his debut single ‘Make Me Feel‘, featuring the vocals of Jarryd James.

Caleb started working on new music for Fizzy Milk several months ago, today sees the release of his debut single, which essentially features a mix of nuanced sampling, electronic production, and live instrumentation.

Speaking on the creation of his new music, Fizzy Milk explains how “these songs are just little slivers of myself, the stuff I do every day in the studio that no one normally hears.”

“It’s the same with the artwork. I’m just doing the stuff I’ve always thought about, but haven’t had an outlet for. I’m just going to drop songs when I feel like it, and maybe work towards a record in the future.”

Fans of Broods are going to enjoy Fizzy Milk a lot, as Fizzy Milk works as a platform for Caleb to do his own thing and release more of this 90s neon inspired melodies, with Make Me Feel being a good starting point.

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