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London Blues‘ is the new single from British folk duo Ferris & Sylvester and it also serves as a fresh taste of what’s to come off Ferris & Sylvester‘s forthcoming EP ‘Made in Streatham‘, due out for release February 2.

Incorporating a mix of upbeat tempo’d Folk guitar picks and dueling vocals, Ferris & Sylvester explore “all about those days when you think everyone around you is selfish and out to get you” in one of their “favourite songs to play live,”

Going into detail about the track, Ferris & Sylvester explain how they “wanted the song to sound like an old blues song, with the trumpet and the guitar, but to be really relevant to life in London today.”

“When you move somewhere new for the first time – like London – it’s hard not to observe people and how different their behaviour is from yours or what you’re used to.”

Having already given fans a taste of the EP with ‘The Room‘ and ‘Better in Yellow‘ in 2017, Ferris & Sylvester have showcased this interesting take on the world of folk, while also mixing in a blues-like atmosphere throughout their tracks.


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