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Seryna Jane is a pop artist out of Sydney and recently Seryna released her debut single, ‘Haunt Me‘, a song that is essentially about exploring “past lovers who keep their grip on you.” Seryna explains, “They linger in your mind and keep a piece of your heart, even once you think you have moved on. It’s a fleeting moment that catches you off guard, a memory or a feeling, but you realise they are still there, haunting you.”

Having wrote Haunt Me back in 2016 “with just voice and piano,” Seryna emphasises how Haunt Me “was very raw and stripped back,” as this was a new avenue for Seryna. Seryna continues, “it was a new experience and a great process to work with Sebastian [Morales] and I love the sound we created for Haunt Me.”

“Haunt Me is a song that is very close to my heart. The emotions behind it were a burden and a weight I carried around for too long, so writing this song was a way for me to work through that and move on from it.”

Seryna continues with how “Haunt Me combines all the elements that I consider the most important in my music: lyrics, the voice, and a feeling.”

Haunt Me is the first taste of what’s to come off Seryna’s August Calling EP, with two tracks ready to go, Seryna revels her next single will be “Daniel,” which “is set to be released in January, and then the EP, August Calling, will be out in March.”

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