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Eat This Music: “What is Haunt Me all about?”

Seryna Jane: “Haunt Me is a song about those past lovers who keep their grip on you. They linger in your mind and keep a piece of your heart, even once you think you have moved on. It’s a fleeting moment that catches you off guard, a memory or a feeling, but you realise they are still there, haunting you.”

ETM: “How did you go about creating Haunt Me?”

SJ: “I wrote the song back in 2016 with just voice and piano. Writing music is a release for me, a way to let go, and even process, of all the thoughts and emotions that otherwise would stay bottled up. The song in its original state was very raw and stripped back. I took the demo track to producer Sebastian Morales who added his flavour and style by layering sounds and beats. For the last 12 years my songs have remained as acoustic songs, so it was a new experience and a great process to work with Sebastian and I love the sound we created for Haunt Me. I also got to work with the incredible Siki Daha who sang a bunch of the vocal harmonies on the track. I’m finding a new love and excitement in collaboration and the beauty in creating something that you couldn’t create just on your own.”

ETM: “Why was Haunt Me released as your debut single?”

SJ: “Haunt Me is a song that is very close to my heart. The emotions behind it were a burden and a weight I carried around for too long, so writing this song was a way for me to work through that and move on from it. I also feel that Haunt Me combines all the elements that I consider the most important in my music: lyrics, the voice, and a feeling. I am incredibly passionate about lyric writing and have been inspired by John Mayer for over a decade. That man has a way with words! I love the way his lyrics pull at your heartstrings and how in just a few words he can say so much. I took my time writing and rewriting the lyrics of Haunt Me, working at finding the most poetic and relatable way to express what I was feeling. The voice is always at the forefront of my songs, and the mellow and rich vocal tones of Norah Jones and Melody Gardot have absolutely influenced my own singing. However, at the end of the day, I write to make people feel. My biggest hope is that when someone listens to my music, they feel something.”

ETM: “How is your EP coming along?”

SJ: “I’m so excited for this EP and it’s coming along really well! Two tracks are ready to go, and I’m working on a few finishing touches on the other two. My next single, Daniel, is set to be released in January, and then the EP, August Calling, will be out in March.”

ETM: “What can we expect in the EP?”

SJ: “The 4 tracks on August Calling are some of the most honest and exposed songs that I have written in the last 5 years. I have worked with different producers for each song and they all showcase a different side to my writing. Haunt Me introduces some pop/electro vibes, Daniel is an acoustic guitar track that brings a folk feel to the EP, Captive has a stronger vocal emphasis and draws inspiration from Imogen Heap’s vocoder sound in Hide and Seek, and Baby I Was Wrong is heavily influenced from my jazz background.”

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