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When You Smile When You Die is the new single from electro-pop artist Queen Alaska and the single is essentially about exploring the diversity of deep, essential, human relationships.

Queen Alaska explains, “Supposed contrasts like strength / vulnerability and dream / reality seem to lie close together in deep connections.”

“The nearest people around can be salvation and burden at once – they awaken the most fulfilling but also scariest feelings inside.”

Queen Alaska concludes with how “obviously, it is because they matter.” Adding, “All these memories and feelings connected to them – that is what will last in the end.”

“It moves us, it is the beat of our life. With this song, I wanted to face and honour the beauty of these rich and diverse relationships.”

Giving fans another taste of Queen Alaska‘s forthcoming second EP Interlude of the Inner Voice II/II, Queen Alaska has put together a solid single that not only showcases her great skills as a digital electro-pop producer, but also as a collaborator, especially when working together with Simon Wind AKA VJND throughout the project.

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