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Sympathy is the new single from Sydney-based soul-pop aficionado, Iluka and it is essentially a song about “reclaiming power.”

Iluka explains when she had written Sympathy, it was “this real sense of impotence and apathy within my generation,” while also coming to the realisation “That willing or not, so many of us were becoming slaves. Slaves to technology, to consumerism, to authority, to an ideology, to expectation, to our own bodies, and to our own minds.”

“But I feel like with all that is happening in the world right now people are being shaken awake, whether we like it or not.”

Iluka continues with the notion of how “Silence is being broken, indifference is turning to dissidence, people are speaking up and being heard, and the time felt right to bring this song to life, to add my voice to the cause.”

To celebrate defiance, to champion self-expression, to promote self-belief, and to reclaim our power. As the song choruses… we want it back.”

While Sympathy isn’t as enjoyable as previous releases by Iluka, most notably ‘Blue Jean Baby‘, Sympathy is still a solid single that offers a lot of elements, from story driven content to a nice change of pace musically for Iluka, and also showcases an interesting take on groovy sounds and vibes in a modern industry.

To coincide with the release of Sympathy, Iluka has also announced the release of her new EP ‘Ritual‘, due out for release April 6 2018. Ritual is essentially a collection of songs that explores avenues of great loves and burning visions of an old soul.

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