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So Settled is the new and last single of 2017 by Sydney electronic pop duo Vallis Alps, and it is essentially a song that gives Vallis Alps the opportunity to let go of expectations and push their musical boundaries.

Speaking on the creation of So Settled, Vallis Alps explain how “So Settled is a result of pushing our musical boundaries and shows an attitude shift in our writing process.”

“When writing the Fable EP, we tried really hard to represent musical ideas that were almost fully formed in our heads.”

Having already released Oceans recently, Vallis Alps continue on the creative process of So Settled, “as with our recent song Oceans, we tried to let go of those expectations and allow the song to go where it wanted.”

“It naturally gave way to a song that is our most ‘acoustic’ sounding and immediately became the most fun to play live.”

So Settled is a nicely put together pop offering that showcases a bright take on music making and delivers that feel-good vibe Vallis Alps continue to implement into their songs.

Photograph by Cybele Malinowski

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