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Euphoria is the new single from Sydney-based Tel Aviv-born producer Minimal Miggy and today he has released his new single, which is essentially about those “inner conflicts” of loving someone.

Speaking on the creation of Euphoria, Minimal Miggy explains how he has been working “as a drummer professionally for more than ten years” and how he had “mostly accompanied other artists.”

“After having to remind myself why I started music, I decided to start creating my own art.”

Working in collaboration with Michaela Baranov and Ben Goldstein on the project, Mininal Miggy has put together a solid hip hop/electronic offering that showcases his great skills as a pop-influenced producer and a professional drummer, while also including a solid story within this nearly five minute track.

Minimal Miggy‘s Euphoria (feat. Michaela Baranov and Ben Goldstein) is due out for release via digital platforms from December 1.

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