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Nothing is the first and only release by London-based pop artist Zoey Lily and it is a song that essentially pays homage to her very own poems.

Speaking on the creation of Nothing, Zoey explains how she doesn’t “think about a specific feeling or experience when writing, it comes together in a very intuitive way,” adding how Zoey likes to “play around with melodies and phrases until it makes sense.”

“This time I had the lyrics before anything else, so it was songwriting in reverse. I started by taking the poem’s opening lines – “Don’t look back, there’s nothing to reverse / Crawling in circles, the times we were cursed” – and formed the first melody around that.”

Nothing offers a nice mix of slow-building pop that showcases Zoey’s intense story-driven melodies, guiding the listener through the three minute journey, that not only shows how good Zoey is as a vocalist, but also as a storyteller and a pianist.

If Nothing is the first example of a poem – then more needs to be released as Nothing is a nicely tight soundtrack of euphoric music.

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