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Sherpa is a dark pop duo out of Copenhagen and the two-piece (Carsten Eliasen and Tore Nissen) recently released their debut single ‘Fornever‘, a song essentially about exploring moments that could last forever.

Infusing a mix of dark synths and slow-building brooding atmospheric beats, via soul-shaking drums, the duo out of Copenhagen have put together a solid effort for a debut single; that not only showcases their skills as a great duo able to create big, bold and daring atmospheric landscapes, but also as storytellers – telling a story that is close to home for a lot of people in relationships.

Speaking on the creation of Fornever, Carsten expands on the meaning of the single, as the “lyrics reflect on those moments that, seem like they could last forever, but with a blink of an eye they disappear.”

“Maybe they become distant memories, maybe you doubt if they ever happened – they become fornever moments. We want people to remember and appreciate those moments.”

Sherpa‘s Fornever is now out via all major digital streaming services through MiniMe Records.

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