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Hooked On U‘ is the new alternative pop anthem from the duo RINNGS (Karl Zine & Nai Jannson) and it is essentially a song that explores the one-sidedness of a relationship.

Speaking on the creation of Hooked On U, Karl and Nai explain how the idea for Hooked On U came about from “a monologue from someone trapped in a one-sided but addictive relationship.”

“We all know someone who’s experienced that feeling of not being able to escape and always getting drawn back in to the same cycles.”

Having already released a taste of their music with ‘Oceans‘ and ‘Cutting The Cloth‘ three and eight months ago respectively, Karl and Nai continue to put together this interesting mix of alternative and pop intertwined with electronic vibes while also managing to tell a story that touches close to home – so to speak – for a lot of people in relationships.

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