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Jenny & The Scallywags are pop/folk five-piece out of Bangkok, Thailand and they are coming to Australia for the first time for one show only – on November 26 for a free gig at the Brunswick Hotel at 4PM.

Having first heard about Jenny & The Scallywags from Melbourne artist Fleur Wiber, Fleur Wiber got me in contact with Jenny & The Scallywags‘ front-woman Jennifer Lackgren and she took the time to answer some questions prior to their trip to Australia.

How did the band come about?

“The band first came together for our performance on ‘Project Aloft Star Amplified by MTV’. It was our first performance as a full band and we had to perform in front of the judges to compete for the winning prize. We had our first practice as a band earlier that very day and even just getting to the rehearsal room was an adventure. Despite it all, we ended up winning the competition, an opportunity that we’re forever grateful for!”

Earlier this year, Jenny & The Scallywags released their debut album ‘Shaking Heart‘, a 10-track album full of songs that “flow from beginning to end, and songs that we thought differentiated themselves from one another.”

“About a year a half ago, we realized we had enough material for an album. We were also fortunate enough to have the studio resources to self-produce and record an album – so we did! It was an exciting experience.”

Expanding on the themes of Shaking Heart, Jennifer explains how Shaking Heart is an album where they would “prefer to let the listener determine for themselves – there are nuances of meaning and emotions that get infused with each of these songs, but we never went about writing the album by saying “ahh, this will be about lost love” or something.”

“We think the meaning, as with any creative work in any medium should be allowed the freedom of interpretation”

Jenny & The Scallywags will be making their way to Australia for the very first time on November 26 for a free gig at the Brunswick Hotel in Melbourne.

Jennifer goes into detail about how this came about:

“We have some dear friends living in Melbourne whom we visited last year. When planning to visit them again this year we thought we would ask a formally Bangkok based singer/songwriter, Fleur Wiber, to help us find gigs in her hometown of Melbourne.”

Jennifer continues: “Luckily enough she knew some people and ended up working something out for us on the 26th of November at Brunswick Hotel.”

“We’re really excited about the event as we will be headlining a show with Fleur and local act Jungle Bird.”

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