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VIØLETS are an electronic pop three-piece (Aaron, Rob and Pippa) out of London and they recently released their new single ‘Falling in Time‘, which is essentially a song about living in the moment, in a place where you can be yourself.

Speaking on the single, the three-piece explain how the single was written “after spending a summer with some amazing people.”

“It’s about a place where you can be where/whoever you want to be, a parallel to the real world; a place full of dreamers and their dreams.”

VIØLETS expand more on the song as “the feeling of living in the moment – a carelessness that is rare and something we wanted to capture.”

VIØLETS are an interesting band, because not only do they bring some much needed dark and brooding vibes to their storytelling, they also add a lot of slick digital production through the way they use their synths, building bridges and Pippa’s own vocals to create this intense atmosphere.

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