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Bright Dawn‘ is the new single from Kuren and it is essentially a single about bringing people back to earth, not from out of space, but from the mentality of not forgetting the bigger picture in life.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Kuren explains how Bright Dawn was in the “works for almost a year,” and how it originally “started by the most simple beat and pop melodies.”

“Bright dawn is a song to bring people back to earth. Small things in life go wrong and you forget the big picture. As long as we are breathing and are happy then that’s all that matters.”

This is the first time Illy and Kuren have worked together on a track, as Kuren recently signed to Illy‘s ONETWO label and supported Illy on Illy‘s 23 date Two Degrees Tour.

Speaking on the new partnership, Illy explains how “having Kuren on ONETWO is exciting for all of us.”

“He’s [Kuren] got so much potential, but also he’s just a great dude.”

Bright Dawn is a follow-up to Kuren‘s previous single Mastercraft, which was a surprise hit locally and internationally, garnering lots of plays on community radio Australia-wide and on the internet. Bright Dawn is a good mix of Kuren‘s great digital music making abilities in the way he intertwines slick digital beats, synths, and glitch electronica with the added bonus of Illy‘s vocal work.

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