Benji Lewis explores the realisation of situations in his new collaboration with TRACE on ‘Never Mine’

Benji Lewis is an electronic pop artist out of Melbourne and today he has released a follow-up to his ‘Home For Now‘ EP with ‘Never Mine‘, a song that essentially works as a platform for Benji to explore the realisation of situations.

After taking a trip to Los Angeles to spend some time with his sister, Benji also too some time to work with Los Angeles-based pop artist TRACE on the project, speaking on the single, Benji recalls a time when he “was in a pretty fragile state.”

“It’s a song about realising the facts of a situation; that this person and this love isn’t what they lead you to believe. It’s about dealing with the relationship coming to end and all of the emotions that come with it.”

Benji Lewis‘ ‘Never Mine (feat. TRACE)’ is now available via all major digital platforms.

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