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Doggie Door‘ is the new single from Brooklyn-based four-piece punk band QWAM (Felicia, Matt, Eddie and Rachel) and the new taste of what’s to come off their debut EP ‘Feed Me‘, due out for release in January.

In the band’s own words, Doggie Door is essentially a song that explores the tough exteriors of an angry kid.

“It’s a song about the tough exteriors that we all put on and a reminder that every angry kid out there has a heart.”

Offering a lot of feel-good punk vibes with the fast lyrics of front-woman Felicia, QWAM have put together a solid two minute offering that not only explores an interesting subject, but also includes the essentials of a good punk anthem: the fast vibes, the gritty vocals, the fast-paced action and basics of authentic percussion.

QWAM‘s debut EP ‘Feed Me‘ is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp.

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