JR Green explore what it is to be made a loser in their honest representation of infancy single ‘Tiger Lily’

JR Green is the collaborative project between Albion siblings Jacob and Rory Green and today they have released their new single ‘Tiger Lily‘, a song that essentially looks at “what it is to be made a loser.”

Expanding on the meaning of the above statement, the brothers describe the song as an “honest representation of – longing and obsession,” while also exploring “the desire to never grow from a prolonged infancy.”

“…we bawl and scream and take on the appearance of grotesque, gargantuan children. This regression is most obvious when discussing affairs of passion; this is what we become when we cannot obtain those we desire: irrational, clumsy, rasping infants, often with a murderous spark in our eyes.”

Tiger Lily is a taste of JR Green’s new EP ‘Flora‘.


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