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Barely Holding On‘ is the second single from Electronic artist Erik Sing and it is essentially a song that explores the turmoils and insecurities of a relationship.

Having got together the song with first-time collaborator Sophia Hughes, Erik and Sophia put together a solid collaboration that not only explores the world of electronic and pop music with the use of their impeccable production work and vocal atmosphere, but also tells the story of relationships, turmoils and difficulties as the underlay of the track.

“The song explores the turmoils and insecurities of a relationship, and being pushed to the edge by not knowing where life is headed.”

Speaking on the collaboration with Sophia, Erik reminisces about the first time he heard Sophia’s voice through Soundcloud: “She has an amazing voice and I knew straight away I wanted to work with her.”

Erik Sing‘s ‘Barely Holding On‘ is out now.

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