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Transit Lounge is the new single from Sydney pop band Enerate (Josh Graham, Therese Watson, Matt Niciak and Ben Fitzpatrick) and it is a song that explores the want and the willingness to go and do something new in their new single ‘Transit Lounge’.

Transit Lounge also serves as a new taste of what’s to come off Enerate‘s debut full-length interactive visual album – an app containing interactive music videos for each and every song, ‘Good Times Airlines‘.

Speaking on the creation of the album, band member Josh goes into detail about how “art is becoming more multidisciplinary, and music is becoming more visual. The album is as much video as it is music.”

“This is not a marketing tool for the album – this is the album! We wanted to make a physical release, that you can touch, feel, effect… that was multi sensory and completely digital… we tried to one-up Beyonce haha! She did a video album, so we thought ‘let’s do an interactive video album’!”

Transit Lounge is not only an interesting song that contains a lot of pop-tier goodness, but also showcases the light-hearted electronic side of the band while also featuring a solid story of exploration.

Enerate‘s debut LP ‘Good Times Airlines‘ and interactive app will be available from November 16.

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