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Cherryade have returned with another fast paced, feel-good pop anthem about life, this time around it is a song that essentially reflects on the duo’s own success as popstars.

Having made a name for themselves with the previous releases of ‘Blah Blah‘, ‘Get By‘ and ‘The Crown‘, and as most recently with George Clooney naming his newborn twins after the duo, Cherryade continue to belt out these bangers that challenge the world of pop music.

Speaking on the idea of the single, Ella and Alex state how “It’s so important for us to be great role models to our fans, even if they decide to rob banks and masturbate like the inspirational lyrics in our song. We hope George Clooney’s twins grow up to be just as inspirational as Cherryade.”

Cherryade prove once again why they are one of the best new talents around.

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