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Now He Wears White‘ is the new single from London pop artist Eloise and it is essentially about the obsession with celebrity culture. In Eloise‘s own words, she notes how the new single represents “a weird mix of the emotions” for her.

Eloise adds how the song takes a look at how people turn to celebrities to worship and take some kind of moral message.”

“It’s also just about a lot of guys I know who have taken one compliment and got carried away with it.”

Going into detail about the creation of the single, Eloise expands on the “Elvis/Jesus line” as a “real fusion of my love of that kind of imagery,” while adding it is also includes “some ideas” Eloise “had about celebrity culture and worship.”

Working in collaboration with producer Rory Simmons on the project for “almost 2 years,” Eloise explains the moment Rory “sent over the loop of the ‘me from you’ lyric and there was a real darkness and richness to it,”

“So I wanted to slot in the stuff you hear in songs like that- the glamorous imagery with this weird metaphor and idea to show how ridiculous the convention in popular music of writing about private jets and champagne is.”

Eloise felt this was a “really great song as a single.” Expanding on the digital production as it features “uptempo sections that make it really fun.”

“It [Now He Wears White] has a similar feeling to my first single Studio54 in that respect and continues that satirical commentary that is consistent across all my music. This song just jumped out to everyone involved and this is probably the most excited I have been about a song.

Eloise is currently working on more singles, which will be released “in the new year.”

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