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Human Touch‘ is the new single from London pop artist Saint Clair and it is essentially a song that explores revisiting the past – after her ex appeared at a show she was performing at.

Going into detail about the single, Saint Clair notes how “‘Human Touch’ is a straight-up break-up anthem,” adding – a continuation of the above statement – how the initial idea for the single came about:

“I was in emotional limbo when an ex suddenly appeared at the back of a venue I was playing at, and it completely caught me off guard. The song is an exploration of that push and pull between revisiting the past and moving on for good.”

Having already give fan a taste of her new EP with ‘Amnesiac‘ back in September, Saint Clair has put together another solid mix of dark, engaging electronic pop, with a mix of story telling that works well with her overall story and atmospheric structure that makes for a good addition to an already strong stable of tracks.

Human Touch‘ is another taste of what’s to come off Saint Clair‘s forthcoming ‘D2‘ EP, which is due out for release early 2018.

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