Luxia explores poisonous things in your life in her new single ‘Loserville’

Luxia is an electronic pop artist out of Sweden and she released released her new single, ‘Loserville‘, a song that explores poisonous things in your life, whether that is people, relationships, a something in your head.

Going into detail about Loserville, Luxia adds how it is about “telling it/him/her to fuck off to Loserville.”

“I’ve had many inner demons trying to make me feel like shit and so I was mainly thinking of that when recording the song. Loserville is a bitch but ends up healing your ass.”

Having already released a taste of her highly, energetic tongue-in-cheek take on the world of pop and electronic music with her debut single, ‘Me My Selfie and I‘, Luxia showcased a fun side while also including an interesting take on the world of millennials and media.


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