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REL is a pop artist out of Los Angeles, California, and today REL has released a taste of her forthcoming three-part visual album, ‘EVOCA-​POP™‘, with ‘Consciousness‘, a song all about keeping your “eyes open, ears open, heart opens, in which one can move through a clearing fog.”

Having already given listeners a taste of her music over the last couple of years with 10 different releases, REL has showcased an interesting take on the world of pop music, with the use of big atmospheric sounding landscapes, digital crisp production, vocals and story driven content throughout genres of indie dream pop, alternative ​R&B and electro soul.

Consciousness offers a nice and soothing layer of tightly composed beats and REL‘s own vocals adds a lot to the atmosphere of this nearly four minute offering, guiding the listener along for a rid of soothing melodies and crisp digital vibes.

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