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Driveway‘ is the love anthems of love anthems, a song about love, about falling in love, a song about dates, and according to LuvAbstract, a song about gaining “the courage to kiss” that person you are on a date with.

Going into detail about the single, LuvAbstract noted how the song “is a representation of how I felt during this date with ‘her’.”

“The song starts off with me driving to her house after our date. I still remember everything from that night. From the song that was playing on my broken radio, to the route we took to her house.”

Driveway‘, LuvAbstract add “the second verse is the build-up to that perfect first kiss.” Adding how he “nervously walked her to her door.”

“I wrote this song in the hopes that listeners could relate to my personal experience.”

Having already given listeners a taste of his music with Risk back in May, the Ohio-based pop artist has put together another solid offering of pop-filled goodness, which also serves as the first taste of his forthcoming EP.

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