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The Nah is a punk/indie four-piece out of Wollongong and today they have released the fresh taste of what’s to come off their ‘Sensitivity‘ EP with ‘Exit‘, essentially “about learning how to cope with overthinking and obsessive tendencies when it comes to perfectionism in relationships and in your art.”

“It’s something that I (Bel) need a constant reminder of haha It’s also about fostering nurturing friendships where you feel supported for like, being yourself rather than putting up a front to impress shitty powerful people.”

Expanding on the creative process of the single, Bel from The Nah noting how Bel “wrote a bassline that I strum, which was inspired by the emotive build at the start of Los Campesinos!’s You! Me! Dancing! Then Jess wrote some guitar parts, Shal popped some drone sounds over the top and Chelse improvised some drum rhythms. After that I wrote some lyrics and we’ve been building on it since last year.”

Going into detail about the EP anad speaking on the title track of ‘Sensitivity’, drummer and vocalist Chelsey Sanderson noted how the single is essentially “in reference to the opinions held by many that being sensitive to the needs of minority groups is somehow capitulation and a sign of weakness.”

“Our music is the most vulnerable parts of ourselves, Sensitivity is both a literal and allegorical representation of who we are as The Nah.”

Exit is one of the five tastes of The Nah‘s forthcoming EP, due out 6 November, which also includes a solid mix of 60s sounding surf-rock (‘Surf Song’), sick basslines (‘Spooky Baby’), down and dirty punk beats (‘Sensitivity’) and more.

Tour dates:
Saturday 18th November – Rad – Wollongong – with Basil’s Kite, Pals, Clocks and Clouds
Friday 24th November – The Botany View Hotel – Sydney – with Team Vom and Library Siesta
Thursday 30th November – The Front Gallery and Cafe – Canberra – with SCABZ
Saturday 2nd December – The Hamilton – Newcastle – with Boudicca, Aitäh and NTL Landmarks
Sunday 17th December – The Tote – Melbourne – with Obscura Hail, Hannah Kate and slimbillgates
Friday 9th – The Royal Oak – Launceston – with Slag Queens
Saturday 10th February – The Brisbane Hotel – Hobart – with Slag Queens

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