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Eric Sharp is an electronic producer out of Los Angeles and today he has released another collaboration with fellow artist, Zhao, on their new single ‘Take This Time‘; a song all about exploring individual closed mindedness.

Going into detail about the single, Eric noted how ‘Take This Time‘ “speaks directly to the reality that individual closed mindedness is literally costing human lives on a consistent basis.”

“If people could open their minds and hearts more, a much better world is possible. Currently we seem stuck in cycles of hatred and otherness.”

Going into detail about the aesthetics of the single, Eric noted how “the song is imbued with a deep sadness around this fact, and a more general poignancy around missed opportunities and unrealized potential.”

Last year Zhao and Eric Sharp worked on another collaboration together, since then, they had been itching to work together again.

Offering a dense look at the world of closed mindedness and the use of a slowly lo-fi building melodic atmosphere, Eric and Zhao have put together a solid effort that touches on how helpless Eric and Zhao felt after watching the news.

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